Awning Installation Guide

A purpose built awning can make a huge difference to your home, offering shade and heat control in the summer months, especially for rooms or aspects that are in the sun all day.

Awnings can be manual or motorised, with automatic settings to deploy under specific conditions, when the sun gets hot, and retracting at night, and even when it becomes too windy for the awning to be safely out.

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Three Essential Elements of Photography

Three Essential Elements of Photography

Photography is a wonderful form of expression. It is a distinct and complex art form that has many different levels and ways of representation. However, for those who are just getting started, there are only 3 things that you need to learn to understand photography. These 3 essential elements of photography are Continue reading “Three Essential Elements of Photography”

Life After School

Beyond School Days

All children in this country have to attend school until they are 16. Excepting physical or mental restrictions, that is the law, like it or like it not.

In England, the law continues, and young people must either stay at school in further full education until 18 years, or part time education or training, provided they are working at least 20 hours per week. The other option is to start Continue reading “Life After School”

Totting Up 12 Points

Totting Up Offences

With so many speed cameras across the UK, it’s never been easier to reach 12 points by totting up several offences in a 3 year period.

For new drivers (in their first 2 years with a full driving licence) it’s even easier to reach the 6 points needed to trigger an automatic disqualification.

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Why Your Website Doesn’t Rank In Google

Don’t Rank In Google?

Google is the single biggest source of organic, highly targeted web traffic, if you rank well for what you do and what you sell, or the services you provide, you will receive traffic that is looking for what you sell and wants to buy from you.

If you don’t rank in Google, or don’t rank very highly then there are steps you can take to find out why and remedy the situation.

First things first……

If you don’t have a Google account, set one up and add Google Analytics tracking code to your website header. This will show you exactly what traffic you are getting and where it’s coming from.

You should also add your site to Google webmaster tools (WMT’s) and submit your XML sitemap there.

Webmaster tools will tell you if you have any ranking penalties applied to your website. If you do, follow the advice given to fix the issues highlighted.

If you don’t have any manual penalties listed in WMT’s then you next need to check if your URL is in Google index. Do a Google search for and if you are in Googles index, your site should be listed first in the results. (It might be a little lower in the list if there are lots of well optimized similar URLs.

If you appear for your URL then your ranking issues will be either under optimized content, over optimized content or a backlink issue.

Download and install the SEO Quake plugin for Chrome and use this tool to analyse your page content and keyword density. It offers an easy to understand analysis of your page structure so you can easily see page title, meta tags, headings, text /html ratio etc.

As a rule of thumb, a variation of your main keyword or phrase on each page should appear in your page title, meta description tag, H1 heading tag, page content and within alt text behind images. Vary this keyword or phrase rather than repeating the exact same term.

Keyword density for your main keyword should be around 2% and not much more.


Over optimized backlinks or spam quality backlinks are the main reason for poor website rankings. In their enthusiasm to get to the top people often build too many links with exact match anchor text over and over.

Google SEO
Be sure to check your load speed as well as your backlink profile

It’s very important that your link profile looks natural so use long tail anchors with many different variations of your search terms, and make sure that your Brand and URL are the dominant text used in links.

Junk links are also important, using link text like ‘More’, ‘full story’, ‘click for more’ etc.

Links from link farms, link networks and spam sites will harm your rankings, so if your links aren’t on sites that are indexed in Google then you need to get rid of them.

Roof Construction

House Roof Building Today

House building today more than ever looks for economic saving, and although safety is always at the fore, cost savings and construction speeds are always sought.

Roofing a house is a major factor in its construction, and speed and efficiency have led to some 80% of houses built today using pre-manufactured roof trusses in place of traditional rafters to support the roof.

Roof trusses are factory designed and built wooden triangular frames, which are transported to the construction site once the house outer walls are finished, and placed, by crane, on top of them to put most of the downward pressure from the roof to those supporting walls.

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