Totting Up 12 Points

Totting Up Offences

With so many speed cameras across the UK, it’s never been easier to reach 12 points by totting up several offences in a 3 year period.

For new drivers (in their first 2 years with a full driving licence) it’s even easier to reach the 6 points needed to trigger an automatic disqualification.

There are 3 possible defences to totting up offences;

  • Argue special reasons to avoid the points in the first place
  • Contest the allegation against you
  • Make an exception hardship argument so you don’t have a disqualification imposed, or argue for a reduced ban

Totting Bans carry the TT99 offence code on your licence for four years from the date of your conviction, NOT from date of offence.

An exceptional hardship reduced ban is often a great result for motorists because a reduced ban can be just a few weeks, and the points that you accumulated to trigger the totting ban will be wiped off your licence following the short ban.

According to there are many instances where drivers facing a 6 month totting up ban have successfully argued exceptional hardship, received a reduced 2 week ban, taken the time as part of their holiday allowance and been able to resume their work afterwards with a clean driving licence.

Totting up 12 or more points doesn’t have to mean a long disqualification if you have the right representation to defend your case.